Third Eye Chakra


April 5, 2017

From the moment I saw you, really saw you, sitting on the picnic table outside lighting hand rolled cigarettes with a zippo lighter and hair as smooth as silk, you intrigued me. You always had a interesting presence about you, a sincere curiosity, a provocative imagination always thriving in conversation.You believed in your admirable love for your mother and grandmother and honored the intelligent caretakers around you. You w...

September 20, 2016

Walking, consider it a perception. How does it work? Well, with each step before another alludes to just that, the process of movement that occurs. Time is the measurement in which the reality of walking becomes understandable. In two minutes, you made it from here to here, therefore you walked. It is the experience of understanding that confirms we are the creators of our own movement. 

Think of making footprints in...

September 15, 2016

Perhaps the greatest thing to discover in life is that your potential for creativity is far greater than what your imagination allows. 

People who often find this combination of Chakra 6 & 2 strong in their Emotional Creativity (2)  and strong in their Intuitive Mental Behavior (6), may also experience a weakness in one or both. 

In order to consider yourself without judgement, let's tell a story of the Developing Chak...

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