Personal Guide to Starting Purium Superfood 

By: Erica Belfiore, LMT & RYT500

What ARE Purium Superfoods?

It is a company based out of California that created a series of 

formulas for daily nutrition, gut health, and healthy body kickstarts.

This is not a diet, not a fad, this is a lifestyle shift.

For those that are interested in doing the whole program,

the 40 Day Transformation is recommended. 

This combines both the Core 4 Pack that kick starts your health for 30 days.

Then, when you are ready to engage the 10 day cleanse, you will have the

products ready for a whole 40-Day Transformation.


Everyone can benefit from adding the Core 4 products to their daily regiment

for sustained nutrition, weight loss, AND a gut health kickstart by replacing

1 meal per day, taking 2 supplements in the morning, and one drink at night. 


Witness yourself replace ALL your vitamins, supplements, and powders with whole foods. Save food, time, and money with adding Purium to your daily regiment.


**30 Day** Core 4 Pack

1) Using the Core 4 products comes out to roughly $7.50 per day.

2) You are adding these products to your diet. It is recommended to slowly reduce the following: high processed foods, GMO - based products, wheat, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol. (organic, lean meat is still optional)

3) Each day, you will have 1 shake, 1 Bio Medic, 1 scoop of Fiber blend or aminos, and 1 shot of Cherry juice at night

4) It is recommended to follow the Flex Meals that include whole food ingredients that will help you lose weight without having to eliminate everything entirely just yet. (You will receive a pamphlet with your order for a complete list, suggested schedule and foods.)

10 Day Cleanse* Transformation

  1. Choose a time that you can focus on your health with not as much stress. 

  2. The Cleanse costs about $12.50 per day. You are also allowed to eat minimal flex foods such as: cucumbers, avocados, watermelon, berries, spinach, summer squash (which can be cooked in coconut oil) and herbal tea.

  3. Each day, you will have 3 shakes, 1 Bio medic supplement, 2 Super Cleanse  supplement, 5 Super Aminos or 1 scoop fiber blend, 1 shot Cherry Juice at night, and as many flex foods (above^) as you like.

  4. With your purchase, you will receive a schedule, foods, and a list of things to do that is recommended to follow during the days of your cleanse. 

  5. You may incorporate a regimented workout in the mornings of your cleanse for detox purposes. Please keep in mind your body is in detoxification process so listen to it and if you are experiencing reactions to your energy and mood, then REDUCE your exercise and activity so your body can activate the cleansing process without stress.

    1. I personally incorporated hot yoga into my cleanse, every morning before my first shake. I practiced strictly 1 hour of stretching and sweating. This seemed to work very well for me and allowed me to build muscle in the process.



In purchasing this kit with me, I am available to you for questions and concerns.

I am also happy to support you along your program. I am not an expert by any means,

but I can direct you to a specialist that is, or give you some support and perspective

during your transformation. 


                            Email me: ejbelfiore@gmail.com

                        Or See my blog posts on my website:



Which should I start with?

I understand the 40 Day Plan is an investment.

Also, think about what you might spend on diet plans, cleansing kits, protein powders,

organic foods, vitamins, and medications. 


Invest $300 in your health and see results in 1 1/2 months. 

The emphasis that these products take on probiotics and probiotics sets you up for success for when you go back to eating normally. 


Otherwise, you can certainly jump right into the 10 day cleanse (for approximately $150) and gain wonderful results! However, some people have reported that it is possibly difficult to follow without the ease in, and they sometimes fall off. 


This is why they found the 40 Day the most effective with long lasting results. 

(30 Day Adding In + 10 Day Cleanse)


How do I come out of the cleanse?

To ease out of the cleanse, use “break fast” as a light Flex Food meal, and begin incorporating tea and juices. Then, have one full flex meal with 1 to 2 shakes per day and ease out. Most people continue on with the Core 4 afterwards because they love it so much. 


Where do I buy?


To purchase and receive my $50 Gift Card on your first purchase, 

Use the code “ericab” on the checkout page.


For more information from the company (videos, articles, stories, etc)



Check out nutrition labels below or better pictured on the ishoppurium website.


And email me anything you might need :) 



Erica B (ChakraRose)

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