Root Chakra


January 6, 2018

A quick About Me...

When I was eighteen years old, yoga was an attractive physical practice to me because it instantaneously felt familiar. When I landed in my first Bikram class in High School in 2004, I cranked on my limbs so they would stretch and bend like putty, reshaped by the deepest postures where I could feel my heartbeat pulsing, and my sweat dripping in places that I never thought possible. In Savasana pose at the en...

October 26, 2017

Frogs are by far evolutionary miracles, they magically transform in front of our eyes, as we can witness their progress and growth, it's quick! In their one life-cycle, frogs change drastically in just 12 weeks, it will move from an exclusive all-watery tadpole to a jumping, two-legged land dweller. A frog totem is symbolic of immense and profound transitions within life, bringing changes that totally transform the inner and o...

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