yoga teacher training in colorado
18 Day Yoga Teacher Training: September 28th- October 16, 2017
Mount Shasta, California
18 Day Yoga Teacher Training: 
November 2 - November 23, 2017
Big Island, Hawaii
18 Day Yoga Teacher Training: 
March 2018 TBD
Mount Dora, Florida
1 Night Stay at Historic B&B:
Summer Weekends - June 10-11, July 22-23, August 17-18, 2017
Retreats include lodging, accomodations, food, instruction, excursions, and practice. Often times, my company Zenality Traveling School of Yoga incorporates other activities such as hiking or boating into our retreats as well as additional therapies such as massage and hypnotherapy.
18 Day Yoga Teacher Training Retreats provide elligibility for students to Become A Yoga Teacher.
1-7 Day Retreats are geared towards a kickstart to health, to be relaxing and fulfilling.