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Yoga Soup for the Soul

A quick About Me...

When I was eighteen years old, yoga was an attractive physical practice to me because it instantaneously felt familiar. When I landed in my first Bikram class in High School in 2004, I cranked on my limbs so they would stretch and bend like putty, reshaped by the deepest postures where I could feel my heartbeat pulsing, and my sweat dripping in places that I never thought possible. In Savasana pose at the end, there was nothing but me and my breath because I was so damn tired, and hungry for more.

I began to notice beautiful thing happens underneath the surface. My concentration, sweat, will power, and flexibility began to come together. My body began to communicate with me. At first, it was through pain and exhaustion. Then, my sleeping and eating cycle began to revolve around my performance. It became easier to listen to what my body needed instead of wanted. After training regularly, little considerations began to infiltrate every day and every moment. Before practice, I centered myself because I knew I was in for an hour of excruciating hell. I engaged muscles I didn’t even know I had and tuned into some of the muscles that needed attention. Afterwards, I nourished myself with necessary foods and took care muscle soreness with conscious thoughts and healing care.

I dove deeper to unveil mysteries that illuminated all areas of my life. The practice grew within me and brought me a into community of supportive souls, a developing and blossoming sangha of beautiful hearts outside of me, BIGGER than me. It was the encouragement I needed to begin really looking at life, just as it is, without judgment.

In this journey, I am reminded of that everyday, just by the way my body moves. Yoga practice is the time I take to fully listen. Offering classes give me the opportunity to understand more, as the practice weaves itself more into the threads of each day. My mat has become the nurturer, my breath is the teacher, my body is the vessel, and yoga is soup for my soul.


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