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Patience and the space between

Updated: Mar 19

The power of patience is the antidote to anger, to extend the space between the stimulant and the reaction. Instead of reacting suddenly, I could sit with it, taste it, smell it, chew it, feel It, and open myself up to seeing what's there.

The opposite of patience is aggression- the desire to jump and move and push against our lives to try to fill up the space. But the way to truly combat something that could be of hurt or fear is to feel into the breath and the space before making any moves. The journey of patience involves opening up to what's happening, inviting in a sense of wonder.

As I explore tools to help train my mind, to help me find more patience in the difficult moments, I am reminded how the agitation of the situation isn't permanent. The anger, the guilt, the reaction is fleeting. So I tap into the tools of pranayama, I breathe into it, and find a little glimpse of relaxation amidst the restlessness of energy of fear. It is a reminder to hold the breath, step into taking action that comes from the heart. Sometimes, it takes a while for the heart to speak. Patience takes courage.

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