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Walking The Path of a Visionary

Walking, consider it a perception. How does it work? Well, with each step before another alludes to just that, the process of movement that occurs. Time is the measurement in which the reality of walking becomes understandable. In two minutes, you made it from here to here, therefore you walked. It is the experience of understanding that confirms we are the creators of our own movement.

Think of making footprints in the sand. When we speak of a person’s never ending possibilities of experience, it comes down to how we interpret it. The many layers of the mind interpret the changes in matter; the moment when your foot changes the shape of the sand. The spirit interprets the feelings; the foot is both tactile and formidable, and the sand is adaptable and transformed. We all experience differently. Some see our foot disappear, some feel it become heavy, some are excited about the way the sand feels, some remove their foot quickly, some examine the change, some merely accept it.

When we speak of those who define themselves specifically as visionaries, their experience arguably works in their favor as they understand the transcendence and measure of time. The truth of seeing the sandy landscape as a blank canvas for footprints without the desire of making footprints, is the true gift of the visionary. It is the space between lovers’ lips that visionaries hopefully find themselves in contemplation. It is the soft glow from the moon and impending colors of the sun that are ever present in their minds.

A visionary’s job on the earth is leery to most.

As it is the biggest challenge of visionaries to communicate the information that comes through. It becomes our life obsession to find the medium in which the wild colors that run through our minds can be domesticated into forms of healing. We ask ourselves what do we do with all this information? We end up doubting the source of our wisdom when it cannot be traced to quantifiable sources.

Deep intuition is recognized through the process of experience making it important for a visionary to find a place for those whom are authentic. The visionary is heavenly protected by the Goddess. As well, it is destroyed by her, too; the never ending battle between reason and passion. Creative minds that trail off into the wind in pursuit of ecstasy dreams. It is only in fleeting moments can you catch them in between. There is magic in inspiring the path of a visionary. So many things can happen. And the second of the severe challenges of the visionary is to get out of their own way. The visions and information that come through to them often make no sense. The fiery passion of understanding our human condition erupts out of the formidable minds that are intense and flowing like hot molten lava. The force is fierce yet temperamental to the contours of Earth beneath it. Often, the force cannot be reckoned with. But, there are sometimes when the wind is no longer fanning the flames of cultivation, and here you find a quiet visionary in surrender. It is there where vulnerability washes upon the shores of obsession, and ebbs with reason and flows with passion and the rhythm of the tides creates solidarity. And for those infrequent times, the visionary is at peace with the job he has on Earth. He has witnessed and surrendered the manifestation of his ego. Colors vibrant. Emotions clear. In that second is the magic. As the light turns back into night and the next vision inevitably comes.

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