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Technically the word "Brahmacharya" actually means "Conscious self control and mastery of the human form." It is derived from the two sanskrit words and their meanings:

  1. brahma - creative energy of life (as expressed in the human form as the seven chakra system)

  2. acharya - mastery: appropriateness, understanding and control.

In Yoga, the word "brahmacharya" is generally agreed upon to specifically refer to mastery of the second chakra connection - the sexual and sensual connection. It has also been mistranslated as "celibacy" - the forced abstinence from sex - and this is an ignorant misinterpretation that can lead to terrible consequences. Let us refrain from making this mistake.

Brahmacharya does not mean celibacy, it means sexual and sensual continence (appropriate moderation, self control, and avoidance of selfish addiction - dependence, lust, gluttony - to these experiences).

As we know, the second chakra represents:

  1. sensual pleasure.

  2. sex.

  3. reproduction.

  4. the family (part 1).

If we have not learned to understand and master this connection with the four areas of life mentioned above, then we will experience difficulty with these areas of life.

For example, we may experience difficulties with the following things:

  1. selfish lust.

  2. drug and alcohol misuse.

  3. addiction to sensual pleasure at the expense of our health.

  4. sexual addiction, frigidity, and other sexual problems.

  5. our family relationships in our family of birth and the family we create as adults.

Thankfully, all these problems can be understood and solved by the wise application of brahmacharya.

This means that we will be able to master and control our connections and relationships with all aspects of life that the second chakra represents.

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