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The Hand of God

Sometimes our life cycles bring us into action and protest, which is a natural progression of the rise of power that must inevitably be challenged. A stronghold on greed driven agendas renders a closed eye to the many mouths that are left open and dry.

I have been watching, praying, watching, and praying about all of the things that have been put out on social media and the news. And have been watching with my mouth open and dry.

I do not have the kind of mouth that is swollen with saliva and thirst for greed like the ones at the top. But, I also do not have the mouth that bares teeth and is on the front lines fighting and yelling back at the elite.

I do believe that we all have a calling to make a change. Some of us can be the ones praying and watching and praying and writing, building wisdom about the things we "see" happening. Using our words.

Some of us can be the ones out there protesting, fighting, showing teeth, building foundations and "action" for things that need to be addressed. Using our strength.

Some of us can be the ones speculating, looking at both sides, keeping the balance, asking questions, investigating. And those of you that action are skeptics. Using questions to find the truth.

We all have a place in this. Do not deny yourself the position and power you have. Words. Actions. Thoughts. Prayer. They are all powerful.

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