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Bridge Imagination to Creation: Chakra 6 & 2 Combination

Perhaps the greatest thing to discover in life is that your potential for creativity is far greater than what your imagination allows.

People who often find this combination of Chakra 6 & 2 strong in their Emotional Creativity (2) and strong in their Intuitive Mental Behavior (6), may also experience a weakness in one or both.

In order to consider yourself without judgement, let's tell a story of the Developing Chakra 6 Stage.

Ajna, a young of 13 years old, is upset that her mother won't let her go to the movies with her friends. Her mother says no, and she runs outside crying, listening to a song by Bethoven in her headphones sitting on the porch glaring at a rose bush while it gently rains on a summer afternoon. Nothing but reoccuring images of her mother's face at first just made her more and more angry, until all of a sudden, she stops thinking and begins staring at one of the roses. Her face relaxes and she thinks to herself, "I can be a beautiful rose, too." She then goes to her mother, and her apology is accepted.

When this Chakra is first maturing, it leads to formation of archetypal identity, whose interest is self-reflection. Whenever we make decisions based on signs or symbols, then we are activating our Visionary Chakra. The symbol of an angry matriarch was compared to the symbol of a beautiful rose. In moments of introspection, Chakra 6 opens our eyes to that reflection that is ever present in our conflicts. It is hugely tied to Intuition, Perception, and Dreams, can can lead us with our imagination to manifesting many realities for ourselves.

Now, let's tell a story of the Developing Chakra 2 Stage:

Svadi, at age 2, would cry and scream right before bed every night. Her mother finally figured out that Svadi loved to hold someone's hand and she would fall fast asleep. Each night, her mother would put her to bed and hold her hand until she fell asleep. One night, Svadi's mother couldn't stay to put her to bed and Svadi screamed until her mother came back to her crib. Her mother was distraught with the dependent behavior that Svadi was revealing and had absolutely no idea of how to break her child of this habit. Her mother switched her behavior towards her daughter, and started modeling bedtime to her. She would share her pleasures of brushing her hair, rubbing her hands with lotion, and getting into bed. Each night she would do that regiment with her daughter and weened her off of holding mom's hand. She introduced new behaviors along with new pleasures and the old one fell away.

When this Chakra is first maturing, it leads to the emotional identity, whose interest in pleasure. Emotional releases can be balanced or reactionary if this chakra is too open or too closed. Many times, imbalances of the Chakra 2 result in promiscuity, emotional instability, codependence, or rigidity.


Images of Chakra 6 expands awareness and stimulates the platforms for exploration as Chakra 2 invites movement and connectivity to those dreams therefore they are closer to be grounded and able to be manifested. Continue to explore things creatively. Don't shame yourself for your emotional identity as it is your gift. It is tied with the Sacral (Chakra 2) movements that give you sensuality, empathy, and releasability. Sensation gives way to desire often times in people that use emotions as a prime means of communication, and this is where this Chakra's behavior can find itself troublesome.

Allow that emotional side to be playful. Reduce the severity and obsession with fluidity and control. Let go and trust the fluid environment that you know so well.

Listening to your "gut" becomes the catch phrase for this bridge.

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