What isThera B Bodywork?

Thera-B is Postural Bodywork Therapy. I offer a unique combination of energetic, structural, and massage techniques to bring the body back to neutral alignment.

I also specialize in Sports & Rehab massage working on specific injuries or issues. My most successful technique is Postural Restoration and Positional Technique using non invasive pressure to release swollen, tense, or compensating muscles. I often times also use rolfing, cupping, lymphatic drainage, etc to improve function.

Each session is an unique combination of Structural Integration techniques, and I also incorporate energetic tools such as CBD application, cupping, aromatherapy, assisted stretching, lymphatic drainage, cranial sacral therapy, and reflexology that is available through the Therapy Menu on the booking page.

Benefits of Massage include:

  • Better alignment and posture

  • Easier movement that is better coordinated

  • Increased range of motion

  • Increased vitality

  • Decreased effort

  • Decreased pain

  • Eradicates disfunctional issues

    • sciatica​

    • chronic neck problems

    • frozen shoulder

    • lower back issues


$75/hour   $110/90 min     $140/120 min
  • Performance Optimization for athletes, bodybuilders, performers, and specific goals and functions

    • Customized service using structural integration applications to grow muscle, release facial tension, and ​improve posture 

  • Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention for acute or chronic pain specifically due to an injury or overuse

    • Myofascial release, trigger point release

    • Works along with orthopedic, physical therapy, or chiropractic treatments

  • Soft Tissue Healing for common issues inducing stress-relief, joint mobility, and circulation 

4 Pack Healing Program

$280/60 min    $400/90 min
  • Purchase a discounted package of 4 sessions and see your goals achieved!

    • Assessment and customization of bodywork sessions 

    • Each session is 60 minutes​

    • Can add on time (90 ($400) or 120 ($520) minutes available)

  • Targets specific area issues and fixes musculoskeletal issues​

  • You will see results after the 4 weekly visits

Locations of a Traveling Massage Therapist

  • Thera Zen Bodyworks Studio

    • 2376 Paramount Court, Louisville, Colorado

      • Hours:​ (varies due to availability)

        • Monday - 10am-5pm​

        • Wednesday - 10am-2pm

        • Friday - 10am-5pm

        • Sunday 10am-2pm

  • Zenality Healing Studio
    • 347 E 3rd Ave, Mt Dora, Florida

      • Hours​:

        • Frequent visits throughout the year.

      • By appointment only through Calendly app.

      • Email or call for details.

  • CONTACT ME DIRECTLY: (971) 337-6214

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