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Use the scheduler to reserve the time and duration of your session. I currently work in both Denver and Boulder, CO.


  • Recommended for1st timers is my Intro Session which is 75 min: 60 min hands on with a 15 min consultation and body assessment for $80.

  • 60 Minute Session - $80

  • 90 minute Session - $115

  • 120 Minute Session - $140


  • In-home and at Mobile Professional sessions are available for an extra $20 travel fee. Please indicate on your booking confirmation.

  • Call to schedule.

Boulder Location
2525 Arapahoe Blvd, Building H7
Tuesday: 1:30pm-7pm
Thursday 10am-5pm

Therapy Menu

Add In or Add On Services allows you to explore into more focused bodywork modalities. At the time of your booking confirmation, you can notify me if you'd like the service incorporated or added at the end of your session. See menu below.

Cancellations & No Shows

  • Cancellation policies follow the guidelines of each office location.

  • Cancellations made in advance and are rebooked within 24 hours, no fee.

  • Cancellations made less than 24 hours require a $25 fee applied to your next session.

  • Cancellations that are not rebooked result in a $45 cancellation fee. 

  • No shows/no calls will result in a cancellation fee of the entire massage.

  • In booking, you agree to the terms.

Denver Location
1 Broadway St, Suite 202
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Saturday 10am-3pm
*Other times by appointment only.
Call to inquire.

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Enveloped gift card is available on request.

All purchases made through PayPal sent directly to me. Or, you can call me at (971) 337-6214.

Therapy Menu

Be Meditative

20 min of Cranial Therapy and Guided Yoga Nidra

Session uses cranial holds to release neck tension while using guided imagery for meditative relaxation of the whole body and mind. Concluding with breathwork with Lavender essential oils.

Benefits: better sleep, calming brain waves, recalibrates cerebrospinal fluid, relieves neck tension, reduces headaches

Add In: $11     Add On: $22

Be Released

Incorporated Cupping therapy

Therapist use silicon massage cups in specific areas and/or incorporated throughout the massage session. Cupping uses a "squeezing" technique rather than "pushing" like traditional massage. This allows for a squeezing effect around the layers of tissue that can alleviate chronic muscle pain, scar tissue, adhesions, release toxins and unstick tissues.

Benefits: relief from physical and emotional tensions, reduces inflammation, warms the skin and softens tissue, releases toxins in muscles, breaks up tissue adhesions

Add In: $22

be open

20 min of Cranial Sacral Therapy and Sinus Flush

Therapist uses a gentle application of pressure to the back of the head, neck, and sinus cavities to rebalance the body's natural biorhythms and kickstart immunity response. Concluding with breath work with Eucalyptus essential oils.

Benefits: alleviates allergies, encourages immunity response, release sinus pressure, flushes nasal and respiratory fluid/mucus, activates parasympathetic nervous system for relaxation, recalibrates cerebrospinal fluid, creates a natural biorhythm up and down the spine

Add In: $11    Add On: $22

be Centered

20 min of Assisted Stretch Therapy

Therapist uses a sequence of 12 assisted stretches for the whole body; neck, shoulders, arms, hips, legs, and ankles, incorporating stretch techniques to release shoulder and hip girdles, as well as spinal twists, and joint release for maximum flexibility. 

Benefits: joint mobilization, increased flexibility, reduce stress, prevent cramps, spasms, lactic acid buildup, improves athletic function

Add In: $11    Add On: $22

be Strong

20 minutes of Abdominal Massage and Psoas Release Technique

Therapist uses techniques similar to Mayan abdominal massage as well as visceral manipulation to mobilize the internal core region for optimal digestive and metabolic functioning. Concluding with diaphragmatic activation with Anise essential oils.

Benefits: kickstart metabolism, reduce stagnation in organs, open up hip flexors, reduce lower back tension, improve digestion, reduces IBS or constipation

Add In: $11    Add On: $22

be Receiving

Incorporated cbd oil 

Incorporate high vibe, high potency direct sourced CBD massage cream into the whole experience of your massage. CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a cannabinoid in cannabis. It has all the benefits of cannabis — without the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive drug.

Benefits: potent pain reliever, reduces inflammation, alleviates stress and anxiety, may help with skin cancer, skin protector and moisturizer, cleans out toxins, overall relaxation

Add In: $33

be grounded

20 min of foot bath and reflexology

Therapist first uses warm towels with tea tree, eucalyptus, and lemon essential oils to wrap the feet and soak & warm. Following is a 20 minute reflexology treatment, using certain pressure point therapy that corresponds to issues in organs and tissues in the body. A deep massage of the feet can effect the whole body system creating grounding and positive energy radiating upwards reducing stress, anxiety, and improving function.

Benefits:  increased immunity, improved energy, eased stress and anxiety​, stimulates stagnated organs, circulation stimulation, reduce blood pressure, opens Chi in the body, congestion relief

Add In: $22    Add On: $33