My name is Erica Belfiore, born in Staten Island, NY raised in Central Florida, and currently living in Boulder, Colorado working for myself as well as Elements Massage in Louisville, and with Corepower Yoga in North Denver.

In my teenage years, I was an avid dancer and athlete, traveling up and down the east coast performing. At the age of 18 after I tore my ACL, I found yoga practice to sustain the injuries and asymmetries that being a dance performer created. 

In my 20's I crafted my yoga offerings in Big Island, Hawaii and moved to Portland, Oregon in 2012 to continue to study and develop. There, I opened my first yoga studio called Zenality Yoga. During this time, my mother became my business partner and we ran our yoga school, immersing practitioners to become yoga teachers, recognized as a certified school by Yoga Alliance. We hosted over 6 programs in beautiful locations across the US. 

I have traveled and trained in over 8 different countries and developed a repetoire of healing techniques during my sessions. I am so passionate and engaged in the results through chakra opening, deep stretching, and intuitive touch brings to my clients. It is amazing when after our session is complete, we see tangible and remarkable results from the treatment. Here, I am living my true calling and am guided by willingness and bravery to be an authentic body practitioner, to answer a higher calling of healing when I have the gifts and tools to listen.

Blessings and namaste, 

Erica Belfiore